About Singapore Cable Car

Singapore Cable Car ride is one of the most popular ways to explore the city of Singapore from the heavenly skies since 1974. The infamous cable car ride is what people visit in Singapore and now has two routes- the Mount Faber Line and the Sentosa Line and went under a million-dollar reservation in 2010. The Mount Faber Line route is the marvelous link between the urban developed Singapore skyline and the beautiful and adventurous Sentosa Island. The Sentosa link makes you travel through the beauty of Sentosa island including the rainforest, tree tops, and emerald waters. This forms a Singapore cable car sky network in between Mount Faber, Sentosa Island, and Harbourfront. The recent build of the Sentosa line has won the top 50 Engineering awards at IES-SG50. All of these vibrant cable cars offer breathtaking views of Singapore’s skyline whether it is the smart city with handsome architecture or the natural beauty of the country from 100 meters above sea level. You can additionally experience the cable car ride with a dining pass, making you and your loved ones stand right in the heavenly skies and eat the yummiest food.

Why You Should Go for Singapore Cable Car ?

 Why You Should Go for Singapore Cable Car ?
  • You should book a cable car because this is the best way to explore the city of Singapore, the experience of aerial exploration is much better and more mesmerizing than on-road exploration.
  • The cable car ride is a safe ride that has been operational since 1974 and recently in 2010, it has got a major multi-million dollar makeover, winning the top 50 Engineering awards at IES-SG50.
  • The cable car makes you witness the city’s panoramic 360-degree views from the heavenly skies about 10 meters above sea level.
  • You can travel to the Mount Faber skyline to experience the views of the modern city of Singapore from the top.
  • The Mount Faber Line cable car will make you witness the popular attractions of Singapore and the theme parks.
  • You should book tickets for a cable car because the cable car ride will take you on a Sentosa island tour making you witness the beauty of beaches, mint waters, and rainforests.
  • You can choose to have dinner with your loved one in the Singapore cable car just as the lights start to shine in.
  • You can witness the glittery nights of Singapore from the top of the cable car ride, hanging in the sky.

Attractions to See During a Singapore Cable Car Ride

Once you board the Singapore cable car ride, you will be able to see the mesmerizing views of Singapore’s skyline. Plan your visit to Cable Car and you will come to witness several attractions depending upon the route you choose. You can choose the line of Mount Faber to witness urban development and a smart city including the attractions like the statue of Merlion, SEA Aquarium, and Universal Studio. The Sentosa line will offer you to witness the serene views of the rainforest, turquoise waters, and the popular attractions of the Skyline luge tracks, siloso beach, mount Imbiah, and mega-adventure park.

Skyline Luge
Skyline Luge

Skyline Luge is a fun and exciting ride that makes you witness the euphoric scenes of Singapore’s beauty. This ride has thrilling twists and turns that give you a boost of adrenaline and happiness as it is suitable for all ages. You just have to sit in the luge cart and gravity does the rest of the work to amaze you. This ride will take you on a joyous journey starting from Sentosa and ending at Rotorua making you enjoy beautiful sightseeing.

S.E.A Aquarium
S.E.A Aquarium

S.E.A Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the whole world housing about 100,000 magnificent aquatic animals belonging to 1000 species. This marvelous aquarium is located in the Marine life park and is one of the biggest highlights of the same. SEA aquarium is divided into 45 different zones where you will catch the sight of coral reefs and the most unique aquatic animals such as bottlenose dolphin, shark ray, alligator gar, and many other underwater creatures.

Adventure Cove Waterpark
Adventure Cove Waterpark

The infamous Adventure Cove Waterpark will take you on thrilling rides and slides, as well as meet the stunning aquatic species. You will be able to see 20,000 beautiful tropical fishes swimming over colorful reefs. You can do snorkeling across the seas with lovely fish and other sorts of aquatic life. With your loved ones, enjoy the thrilling thrills like Whirlpool washout, net maze, tidal twister, splash works, and pipeline plunge.

Universal Studio Singapore
Universal Studio Singapore

The Universal Studios is a park on Resort World Sentosa on Sentosa Island that spans 49 acres and features seven different themed areas. Immerse yourself in themed zones based on blockbuster Hollywood movies or series such as Hollywood, New York, Ancient Egypt, Madagascar, Lost World, and Sci-Fi-City. You can dine in and shop for your favorite goods from all of the shopping and cafes accessible within.

Mega Adventure Park
Mega Adventure Park

The Mega Adventure Park is located on Sentosa Island and features the most exciting sky adventures. The park is well-known for employing the prefix "Mega" in front of all dynamic ziplining adventure rides of the big 3-MegaZip, MegaBounce, and MegaClimb. You can take your child to have the most fun by boarding the ziplines of Tandem Zip and Zip and bounce rides together.


Merlion is one of the official Mascots of Singapore that has the head of a lion and the body of a fish. This architectural masterpiece stands in Merlion Park on the banks of the Singapore River. The infamous statue has its meaning with the body of fish representing the originality of Singapore as a village and the lion’s head as the city’s real Sanskrit name “Singapura”. The statue of Merlion is a mesmerizing sight to see during evening as it glows beautifully with the amazing backdrop of sunset sky.

Siloso Beach
Siloso Beach

One of the most mesmerizing beaches in Singapore, the views of Siloso beach is a part of every adventurous activity started by Sentosa. This beach has beautiful long palm trees, white sand, and turquoise waters giving relaxing and chills vibes. Most people are seen to be having fun as they play volleyball in groups. Siloso beach offers one of the most unique experiences as it has main restaurants, bars, and attractions all at one place.

Fort Siloso
Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso is a historical fort of Singapore that played an important part in the country’s defense mechanism. This fort is well-preserved as it contains historical arms and ammunition such as the coastal guns from WW2 in the military museum. Remains of tunnels and military structures can also be seen here. Fort Siloso has Surrender chambers that contain the built wax fugues of Japanese and British soldiers. The Fort is entirely dedicated to valorous history, and offers video documentaries on the war-related history of the country.

Mount Imbiah
Mount Imbiah

Mount Imbiah possesses the serene looks of beautiful trees, very near to attractions being a part of views through the adventurous activities. The Imbiah lookout and Imbiah trail lie in the closest vicinity of each other. The Imbiah lookout homes exciting attractions and the Imbiah trail features nature’s gift- beautiful landscapes. This infamous natural beauty opened in the 70s and has a peak of 65 meters above sea level. Once home to the British military, this place is now a calm place to relax your day in euphoric sun rays.

Types of Cabins for Dining

Destination-Themed Cabin
Destination-Themed Cabin

The destination-themed cabin is centered around authentic Singaporean meals and western cuisine. All of this tasty food is served to you in the private cabin after being freshly cooked. This variant of dining up high in the sky is usually chosen by international visitors to experience European delight. While having the food of your choice, you will be able to witness the stunning sunset views of the city. The darkness would dwell in making the entire city of Singapore shine with glittery lights from the modern cityscape reflecting upon the beautiful mint waters.

Singapore Flavors Cabin
Singapore Flavors Cabin

Just as the name suggests, enjoy the authentic food of Singapore in the cabin of Singapore Flavors. Your own private cabin will serve you tasty and fresh Singaporean food 100 meters above sea level. Besides this unique dining experience remains still mid-air, you can view the beautiful looks of the city. The modern city’s limelight, turquoise waters, and glittery lights- all can be enjoyed from the top. You can witness the mesmerizing sunset slowly brightening up the shimmery lights of the city. Usually chosen by localities and fans of Singaporean food, this ride is famous for family visits.

Sky-High Bento Cabin
Sky-High Bento Cabin

The sky-high bento cabin will make you witness the beauty of the enchanting city skyline while putting the tastiest Singaporean meal into your mouth. Famous for family dinners, and staycation spots for localities, this place offers you the authentic taste of Singapore including getting served with chili crab in potato skin and fragrant rice. All of these get freshly prepared and are served alongside Singaporean Hainanese breaded chicken cutlet. You can enjoy this cabin with a maximum of 4 of your fully-vaccinated friends or with your family of four including the unvaccinated children below the age of 12 or people exempted from the government’s special provision.

Champagne Cabin
Champagne Cabin

You will be able to eat the most delicious dinner on the modern European platter along with the elegant champagne. You with your buddies or your family can enjoy your dinner in the cable car private cabin 100 meters above sea level. This champagne cabin is usually booked for private special party occasions and birthday celebrations. While having the tastiest food in full privacy, you can enjoy the glittery look of Singapore’s skyline from the top. You can take a maximum of 4 of your fully-vaccinated friends or with your family of four including the unvaccinated children below the age of 12.

Know Before You Go for Cable car Singapore

Essential Info
How to reach
Things to remember
Essential Info

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Singapore Cable Car is during the evening as it offers unique experiences. You can see the mesmerizing sight of Singapore’s skyline from heights and you can opt for the tastiest dining experience.

Location: Singapore cable car is located in Harbourfront Station, 1 Harbourfront Avenue, Keppel Bay Tower, Singapore 098632.

Opening hours: Operational hours are from 08:45 AM to 10:00 PM every day with the last entry at 09:30 PM.

Tips for Singapore Cable Car

  • The best time to visit Singapore Cable Car during weekdays as weekends are largely crowded.
  • Visiting during afternoon hours can make the experience uncomfortable as the temperature rises and makes it hot to explore the activity.
  • If you have no other option rather than to visit at noon, don’t forget to carry your water bottle and sunscreen.
  • You can open the windows and capture beautiful pictures and videos for clearer views and lighting.
  • Taking a round trip that makes you witness both the daytime and night views that offers the best cable car experience.
  • A cable car allows 8 adults to board on a single ride. If you are traveling solo, you have to board this with fellow travelers.
  • Lines of boarding and alighting are different at the same station. It is recommended to check out the Sentosa route during the day as it offers captivating views of natural landscapes, lush greenery, and serene waters.
  • You can try the Mount Faber route during the night to see the city of Singapore shine from the sky.

Singapore Cable Car Routes

One of the most popular ways to reach Sentosa island is by Singapore cable car. This journey through the sky offers stunning views of Singapore’s skyline through the limelight of the modern city and the natural flourishing beauty. For this, there are two lines of Singapore cable car encompassing 6 different stations, 3 in each line, offering magnificent views from the top.

Mount Faber Line
Mount Faber Line

The Mount Faber line is all about the views of the main city of Singapore, starting from the Mount Faber Station, located at Faber Peak. This route encompasses a total number of 3 stations and continues to run through Harborfront station. This journey presents you the mesmerizing views of the modern city of Singapore’s skyline and ends in the Sentosa Station. It forms a Singapore cable car sky network comprising Mount Faber, Sentosa Island, and Harbourfront. You can use the Mount Faber line to see urban development and a smart city, as well as the attractions Merlion, SEA Aquarium, and Universal Studio. The best time to visit Singapore Cable Car Mount Faber route is during the early hours of the day, when the crowd is less and you get immediate possession of the ticket.

Sentosa Line
Sentosa Line

The Sentosa line starts from the Merlion station, from where you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful Merlion statue. This route starts to head towards the Imbiah lookout station, offering you captivating views of Mount Imbiah, and green-tree tops. The Sentosa line ends at the Siloso Point station, making you witness the top views of Fort Siloso and the serene emerald waters. The Sentosa line will take you through the rainforest, blue waters, and popular sights including the Skyline luge tracks, Siloso Beach, Mount Imbiah, and the Mega Adventure Park.

Singapore Cable Car Ticket

Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass (Round Trip)
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Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass Round Trip
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  • Go on an amazing sky-high adventure with the Singapore Cable Car and enjoy a ride above the city and stunning natural landscapes

  • Reach the summit of Mount Faber and admire the panoramic vistas of the city surrounded by lush greenery showcasing the city's charm and natural beauty

  • Indulge in a romantic dinner for two aboard the cable car and enjoy delectable cuisine while gazing at the city lights below

  • Book your Singapore Cable Car tickets and enjoy an amazing round trip with scenic views between Sentosa & Mount Faber Peak

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Strictly no sharing of cabin unless guests are from the same group.
  • Present your voucher and exchange it for a physical ticket to redeem.
  • Redeemed ticket(s) are non-transferable.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
  • For extension of tickets validity, please use existing tickets and get a ticket exchange on-site at the ticket counter.
  • "Cable Car Sky Pass (1 Round Trip)" entitles you to one round trip on the Mount Faber and Sentosa lines only.
  • The destination is wheelchair accessible.
  • Redeemed tickets must be utilised on the day of redemption.
  • Lost or damaged ticket(s) will not be replaced or refunded.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
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FAQ's of Cable Car Singapore

What is the visitor capacity of a Singapore Cable Car?

    The maximum capacity is 8 people per cabin, offering mesmerizing views of the beautiful skyline of the city.

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